DIY Kit | Specialised in colour cement floors, wall plaster & DIY sealers
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DIY Kit | Specialised in colour cement floors, wall plaster & DIY sealers

With over twenty
years' experience in
the Building Industry

Our Products:

- NEW - Colour Coating
- Self-levelling Floors
- Colour Floor Plaster
- Colour Screed Floors
- Stone-chip Floors
- Industrial Floors
- Colour Wall Plaster
- Screeds - New or Prepwork
- Patterned Cement Paving
- Grinding & Polishing
- Polished Concrete Floors
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Welcome to the Colour Cement Experts - Finally, a product that works!

Whether you looking at an INSTALLATION or DIY, we are here to assist with any application. Our floors are hard and durable, a perfect alternative to tiles.

If the DIY does not suit you, speak to us about an INSTALLATION.
Our workmanship and manufactured products are guaranteed!

National Crete Manufacturers(PTY)Ltd manufacture flawless colour cement products with all the raw materials imported from Europe. The products were designed by the Maestro in the Industry from many years first-hand on-site experience with unsurpassed technical knowledge and insight. It is easy to apply with endless technical support. We provide on-site training on all our manufactured products, assisting Builders, Architects, Developers, Construction Companies, and even Home Owners or Anyone who would like to enter the Colour Cement Flooring market. The DIY and training include step-by-step application processes and in-depth consultation.

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